Assalamualikum Guys! I’m Sf Saruf. Hope You are well. I’m well by the grace of Almighty Allah! Today I’m Going To share some tips or remedies for headache.

Lets Share Some Tips!


Headache is a problem that is very difficult. If you have a headache, nothing can be done properly. If I have a headache, I take medicine frequently, it is never a solution. Being addicted to drugs causes more problems.

Ice pack

Ice will help remove inflammation. As well as it will free pain.

– Soak a wash towel or piece of cloth in ice-cold water.  Take it on the head for some minutes. You may do this many times a day. However, those who have cold problems should not do it.

Mint leaf juice

– Mint leaves contain menthol and manthon. These ingredients are very useful for relieving headaches.

-Take a handful of mint leaves. Extract the juice from the leaves. Apply this juice on the forehead.
You can also eat mint tea.

Hand massage

Press with the thumb of the left hand and the middle part of the index finger with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. And massage in turns. Do the same in the same way. This will also cure the pain in a moment.


Heat some cloves in a pan. Then take that clove in the handkerchief. Keep the handkerchief in front of the nose and keep it dry. You will feel that the pain will  slowly decrease.

Salted apples

If the pain is too much then you can try this home remedy. Sprinkle salt in a piece of apple. Even if it is a little, the pain will go away.


Ginger is effective in relieving pain. If you have a headache, chew ginger pieces well. You will feel that the pain has reduced.


Boil four to seven basil leaves in little water.When The Water Color Is Become Green, Then Stop Boiling.Drink this water when it become cool. Now You Will Be Free From Headache Rapidly And Your Cough Problem Also Go Out If You Have Any Cough Problems.

Licorice Root

A Piece Of Licorice with lozenge Can Be Taken In Mouth If We Have Any Headache Problems.Or if we can boil it well with licorice in a cup of water and drink it, it will give immediate relief from headaches.Licorice plays an important role in case of any headache due to tension or hypertension.We Should Eat It 2 Or 3 Times A Day.

To Sum Up, I Hope You Will Feel Better Soon If You Follow This Instructions. Take Care & Dont Forget To Share This.  Allah Hafez.

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