Today Im Going To Share Top 3 South Indian Romantic Movie ! It is first part!

I Hope You Will Enjoy This Movie!! 

 Movie Name: 96

Film Actors: Vijay Sethupathi, Trisha Krishnan

Directed: C. Prem Kumar

Released Date: 3 October 2018

Types: Romance

IMDb: 8.6 / 10

Personal Rating: 9.5 / 10

Languages: Tamil + Bsub + (Hindi Dubbed)

Something about the movie.

★ In short, the movie does not say anything about stupid love, which will keep you attracted in the end !! I don’t know how many days later I will get such a movie again.

 I don’t remember the last time I saw such a beautiful romantic movie. Such a unique story is not always seen. There is no guarantee when the next realistic romantic movie with such a good story will come again.

When he came to the bridge on his way to see the school, the car’s #BGM was joss.

The BGM of the movie, the plot, the acting, the story, the songs, everything is in full swing, full of fascination from the beginning to the end of the movie, there is no obscenity.

★ What is Sethupati’s performance or expression. Just like when I was watching the heroine, my heart was pounding, when I was watching this movie, my heart was pounding thinking, what will happen in the next scene, will the hero and heroine match?

★ I will request those who have not seen the movie yet, please, please, please watch the movie. If you don’t see it, you will miss something really beautiful.

Movie name: – Dia

IMDb rating: -8.2 / 10

Personal rating: – 9.0 / 10

Personal opinion: – Personally, I don’t watch movies with tragic storylines because it takes me more than 10 people to be normal when I watch a very sad story. ?

I have been watching this movie for 15 days and I am still depressed. Those who have seen this movie may understand my point. Before I started the movie, I challenged myself that I would not be emotional even if I was a hundred, but I could not think that I would lose the challenge so badly ?. !! Numerous posts in the facebook group + I watched the movie after listening to the repeated pangs of friends and found the most tragic love story I have ever seen in my life (although I have already said that I do not have a tragic love movie in my pocket).

About movie (No spoiler): – Love Triangle, if you want to tell the movie in 2 words, you will not find more suitable words.

Along with love, mother also has a very important role in the movie

After finishing the movie, you will want to grab the story writer for Ending seen, because the last 30 minutes are enough to make the day go by while you are laughing.

People who haven’t seen it can see it (if you like pure love + tragic story)

Simply put, even if you like the movie very much, you will not want to watch it for the second time, who wants to fill their mind with depression again and again.

I apologize for saying anything wrong, and the movie will be available on various websites but not in Hindi dubbed. E-sub / B-sub.


Movie: Malli Rava [Come Back Again] …..

IMDb Rating: 8/10 …

People don’t want to cross the line of Dia, 96 & Majili to be a romantic movie, but a classic romantic movie is underrated.

There is no fight, no kissing or closing of the moon scene. This movie is able to connect everyone with only real and emotional dialogue

What was in this movie?

School day love, moving away from each other for some reason. Different obstacles in the relationship but then will they be one again?

This is what this ‘Malli Rava’ movie is all about. ❤️

Even 3 years after its release, it is still underrated, because there is no unfamiliar casting, no Hindi dubbed, no one talks much about it. But does that mean the movie is bad?

The movie was directed by Gautam, the director of the movie ‘Jersey’. Then you understand that you will not get any reduction in direction.

Then watch the movie in time. You will see something good, guaranteed

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